Just as Elizabeth took in her unexpectedly pregnant cousin Mary, World Relief Spokane knows that women are uniquely capable of helping other women in need. That’s the idea behind our Women Who Stand program, which recognizes that refugee women are especially vulnerable. They face the same challenges in moving to Spokane as their male counterparts while serving in the double role of breadwinner and caregiver. They often have to overcome the trauma of sexual and domestic violence, which they experience at staggering rates when they flee from home or live in refugee camps.
By surrounding refugee women with supportive American women, World Relief converts vulnerability to self-sufficiency. 

How do you get involved?

  • Form a group of 3-5 women who can commit at least six months to mentoring a single refugee mother
  • Have all of the members of your group fill out a volunteer application
  • Attend a volunteer orientation (you will recieve an invitation after filling out the application)
  • Design a plan and schedule a point person to assign and organize mentoring tasks
  • Await contact from our volunteer coordinator, who will connect your team with the mother you will mentor