*Due to COVID-19, in-person volunteering has been suspended* We continue to offer virtual orientations and some virtual and no contact volunteering opportunities, but it may take a little longer to place you in a volunteer role. Please fill out an application and we will contact you regarding our next orientations. 

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Opportunities | How to get started 

Our Volunteer Coordinator will help find the right place for you. Please review our volunteer opportunities below to see what your interests may be. 

Volunteer E-Learning Resources

Volunteering With an Individual or Family

These three positions positions require a relational investment where you become the go-to person for many transitions that come with being a refugee in America. They require at least weekly visits and flexibility to assist at other times as needs arise. If you are less available, consider partnering with another friend or family who can share the time with you. 

Cultural Companion - Provide friendship to a newly-arrived refugee. Assist with cultural adaptation and language skills. Minimum 6-month commitment.

ESL tutor - Provide one on one tutoring for a newly-arrived refugee. ESL levels range from 0 Minimum 6-month commitment.

Good Neighbor Team - Gather a group of 5-8 individuals and come alongside a recently arrived refugee family. Minimum 6-month commitment.

Citizenship Tutor - Help refugees and immigrants learn the information on the United States Citizenship Exam. One day per week. Minimum 3-month commitment. 

Homework Helpers - Assist a refugee student with homework. This could also involve helping them learn English. Minimum 6-month commitment.

Driving Helpers - Help a refugee learn to drive and pass their driver's license tests (written and driving). Commitment varies.

Office Volunteer Positions

Case Management Assistant - Assist staff in serving clients throughout the resettlement process. May include tasks both within and outside the office. Minimum 3-month commitment, 1 half day or full day per week. Must be willing to drive clients. 

Front Desk Assistant - Cover a shift at the front desk every week. Answer phones, greet clients and assist with making appointments. Minimum 3-month commitment,must be able to commit to a 9:00-12:30 shift or 12:30-4:00 shift every week. Requires customer services skills and computer literacy. 

Warehouse Team - Help keep our warehouse organized and sort donations received. If you are willing, there are also opportunities to help with donation pick ups and move ins. Minimum 3-month commitment- best for a team of 2+. 



Join World Relief Spokane to develop relationships with refugees and help them thrive in our community! The steps are:

  • Browse the example opportunities above
  • Fill out this volunteer application
  • We will contact you with an invitation to a volunteer orientation
  • Complete a background check- cost involved* 

*World Relief processes background checks through our screening partner, Sterling Volunteers. In addition to offering peace of mind with accurate and FCRA compliant background checks, Sterling Volunteers offers a simple 4-step background check order process that is completed entirely online. World Relief Spokane asks our volunteers to cover the cost of their background check.  Every time this cost is covered by a volunteer, we are able to allocate that funding toward helping a refugee or immigrant family in need.The cost to process your background check is generally $21, plus an additional fee of $14.75 if a WA driving record check is needed (costs may vary subject to juristiction-specific fees). If the cost would be a barrier to you volunteering with us, please let us know as we want to make our volunteer opportunities available to everyone. 

If you have completed a background check with Sterling Volunteers through another organization in the past year, you may be eligible to share you background check with World Relief. Contact theadvocates@sterlingvolunteers.com


We welcome volunteers from all faith backgrounds (or none at all). Since World Relief in our history and mission is grounded in the Christian faith, we ask that you be willing to serve within an organization with a Christian commitment as described in our statement of faith.

How to be involved if you have limited availability

Some seasons of life are busier than others. If you would like to stay connected, but don't have enough time to volunteer regularly, here's how you can get involved: 

- Follow us on social media. We're on Facebook (/worldreliefspokane), Twitter (@WRSpokane), and Instagram (@worldreliefspokane). 

- Sign up for monthly e-mail updates.

- Make a Welcome Kit for a newly-arrived family.

- Bring non-perishable treats for our Friday morning cultural orientations or other workshops.