Find your place in a refugee's story

There are many ways to join World Relief Spokane in welcoming the stranger and building transformational relationships.

Browse our volunteer opportunities below to see where your gifts, abilities and interests align with coming alongside refugees and immigrants. Then, fill out this volunteer application. After filling out an application, we will contact you with an invitation to a volunteer orientation. At the orientation you will learn about World Relief's work, the refugees we serve, and what it looks like to come alongside refugees as volunteers in various roles. 

The final step to get involved will be to complete and pass a background check. You will receive instructions for submitting your application and background check at the orientation.

Once you've completed those three steps, we will communicate with you about an opportunity which meets our needs and fits your skills and passions.

We welcome volunteers from all faith backgrounds (or none at all), so long as they understand that World Relief’s mission is grounded in the Christian tradition and staff share a common commitment to following Jesus as affirmed by our statement of faith.

Volunteer Positions:

Positions are listed in order of need and time commitment. 

Highest Need Positions

These three positions positions require a relational investment where you become the go-to person for all of the transitions that come with being a refugee in America. They require weekly visits and flexibility to assist in times of need. If you are less available, consider partnering with another friend or family who can share the time with you. 

Cultural Companion - Provide friendship to a newly-arrived refugee. Assist with cultural adaptation and language skills. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Women Who Stand Team - Gather a group of 3-5 women and work with a single mom who is new to the United States. Minimum 6-month commitment.

Good Neighbor Team - Gather a group of 5-8 individuals and come alongside a recently arrived refugee family. Minimum 6-month commitment 

Other Needed, Long-Term Positions

Homework Helpers - Assist a refugee student with homework. This could also involve helping them learn English. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Driving Helpers - Assist a refugee as they attempt to pass their driver's liscense tests (both written and driving). Commitment varies

Front Desk Assistant – Greet clients at the front desk, answer phones and direct guests where to go for assistance. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Road Runner - Assist resettlement staff by driving clients to/from appointments. Valid driver's license and insurance required. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Case Management Assistant - Assist staff in serving clients throughout the resettlement process. May include tasks both within and outside the office. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Positions for those with weekend availability

Shopping Helper - When needed, help a newly-arrived family navigate shopping for groceries, clothes, and anything in between. Minimum 3-month commitment.

Driving Helpers - Assist a refugee as they attempt to pass their driver's liscense tests (both written and driving). Commitment varies

Communications Positions

Tell a Refugee's Story - Meet with a refugee to hear their story and tell it on our blogMinimum 3-month commitment.

Photography - Help us capture special moments like airport arrivals, graduations, family events, and more. Commitment varies

Graphic Design  - Create graphics and flyers for events and social media. Commitment varies

How to serve if you have limited availability

We know that some seasons of life are busier than others. If you would like to serve, but don't have enough time to help with the options above, here's how you can get involved: 

- Follow us on social media. We're on Facebook (/worldreliefspokane), Twitter(@WRSpokane), and Instagram (@worldreliefspokane). 

- Sign up for monthly e-mail updates.

- Make a Welcome Kit for a newly-arrived family.

- Bake treats for new arrivals to enjoy at Friday morning cultural orientations or other workshops.