Jinan's Story

Before coming to Spokane, Washington, Jinan worked as a hair dresser in Iraq.  When the U.S. Army came to to Iraq, this 49-year-old single mom began cutting the soldiers' hair. She was happy for the work and enjoyed learning English from the soldiers. Jinan was grateful for the help the American government was giving Iraq, however, many other Iraqis hated the US troops and believed that they were there to harm Iraqi citizens rather than help them.

Jacob's Well Church Partnership

Jacob’s Well Church has had the privilege of partnering in mission through Refugee resettlement in our own community because of our volunteer relationship with World Relief since the founding of church in 2006.

As a new church plant, World Relief helped us discover a passion for hidden people in our own city that were waiting for the Church to...‘See & Serve”.

We were exposed to the ministry of 'welcoming and hospitality' that helped us develop a practical expression of gospel mission that anyone in our Church could participate in no matter what their age, education, gifting or schedule. Refugee ministry has helped us discover Jesus with skin on, and given us a simple path of discipleship for growing believers and developing leaders in our church.

Life Center Church Partnership

Choosing where to direct the efforts of your congregation can be a challenging task.  There are certainly many organizations that are worthy of the investment but none that welcome “the alien” like World Relief.  Welcoming refugees and developing an empowering relationship changes a refugee’s life, but also serves to expand an individual worldview, soften the heart, and share the abundance we truly have.

Life Center began partnering with World Relief in 2010 and our experience has been very positive. World Relief has provided a way for our congregants to actively engage in our community, helping those who need it most, and in the process learning and growing as the Body of Christ.  They have customized their training content and delivery as well as supported the volunteers in a timely manner as questions and unique situations arise.