Ride across Washington in support of Refugee Resiliency

SEA TRI KAN is a fully-supported, 5-day, 400+ mile bike tour fundraiser in support of refugees starting a new life in Washington State.

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Refugees are forced to flee their home due to persecution for who they are or what they believe. They arrive to Washington State with great hopes for finding a new home in safety. World Relief works in 3 regions in Washington State (Seattle, Tri-Cities, and Spokane) to support refugees and other vulnerable immigrants as they bravely start a new life.

Each cyclist fundraises toward a minimum goal $1,979 in honor of 40 years of refugee resettlement in Washington State. That money is then used to provide housing assistance, transportation, English language classes, job skills training, interview & resume preparation, and much more! Refugees contribute immensely to the economy and culture of welcoming cities. An investment in a refugee family's first months in America is an investment in your community.

More about World Relief Spokane 

After I became a mom, whenever I heard stories of refugees families, their lives destroyed by war and persecution, living in refugee camps, and having to completely rebuild their lives in a foreign culture, I could not help but compare my life and the life of my children, to those of refugee families, and it broke my heart completely.  I knew that I wanted to show my gratitude for my blessed life by giving to these people…Combining my love of cycling and my desire to serve, I thought that this ride would be a perfect way to begin helping these families.  - Julie, STK 2018 cyclist

How to register

Stay tuned for information regarding registration for SEA TRI KAN 2020! 

In order to register, you'll need to have the following ready: 

  • $400 registration payment (this pays for expenses of the ride, including food, lodging, support vehicles, roadside bike maintenance, transportation to Seattle, an STK jersey, and a portion of a scholarship for a refugee rider)
  • Jersey size (how do I know that?)
  • Your bike tire size (where do I find that?)
  • Proof of medical insurance




Cyclists are responsible for fundraising a minimum goal between the time of registration and May 31st, 2020(this is in addition to the registration fee). Last year, this goal was $1,979. The fundraising goal for 2020 is TBD. Friends and family can give to your goal online through your custom individual page and every dollar that's raised will go directly to support refugees in Washington state as they get settled, learn English, and prepare for their first job. Information about how to set up your rider profile and begin collecting donations online or by check will be available at the time of registration. Additionally, World Relief will provide some tips and resources for how to ask your friends and family to support you in your goal.

Getting Ready

SEA TRI KAN is designed to be doable for casual cyclists who are willing to put in some spring training. It's a tour, not a race, so you'll be riding in groups. Half the fun will be getting to know each other over breakfast in the morning, encouraging each other up the hills, and stretching sore muscles at night. 

  • Packing List: get your gear ready early so you can really get to know it!
  • A sample training plan
  • There are lots of fun ways to train. Connect with other STK cyclists on the Facebook page, use an app like Strava or MapMyRide to browse local routes, or plan one yourself!
  • Bike safety is more than just wearing a helmet! Learn how to rides safely in a group, and become comfortable with a paceline. There's a lot of good information on YouTube or CBC, and REI often has classes for bike maintenance and safety basics. 

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Didn't find the info you're looking for? Contact us at stk@wr.org.