Resettlement Programs and Services

World Relief and its network of local church and community partners provide compassionate and holistic care from the moment refugees arrive at the airport through their journey to self-sufficiency. World Relief is one of nine non-profit agencies in the United States that partner with the State Department to resettle refugees.

This partnership means that World Relief is responsible for managing the initial resettlement funds provided by federal grants and helping refugee families learn basic living skills for life in the United States. Case workers assigned to each family guide them through the process and connect them to essential social services, helping refugees on the path to self-sufficiency.


As part of our contract with the State Department as well as our Christian commitment to serve the most vulnerable, we are committed to providing refugees with tools to be successful Americans.

Prior to arrival, we...

  • Identify housing options and secure those whenever possible

  • Furnish their home and provide basic necessities like cleaning products, dishes, and linens

  • Organize a culturally appropriate meal to welcome new arrivals

  • Prepare a heartfelt welcome at the airport

In the first month of the family’s move to the U.S., we...

  • Ensure they have access to basic necessities, including food, clothing, and transportation

  • Help them apply for Social Security cards

  • Enroll children in school and educate parents on the school system in the U.S.

  • Schedule and provide transportation to initial health screenings and ongoing health services

  • Connect adults with English classes and job readiness services to support early employment and long-term integration

In the first 3-6 months, refugees...

  • Get their first job

  • Receive regular visits from World Relief staff

  • Have access to mental health counseling services

  • May be connected to volunteers through our various programs

  • Attend orientations and training on various topics related to life in the U.S.


There are four programs that operate through World Relief for the resettlement of refugees and immigrants: Reception and Placement (R&P), Match Grant, Preferred Communities (PC), and Promoting Refugee Integration, Mobility and Empowerment (PRIME).

The R&P program’s goal is orienting and teaching refugees about life in America and connecting their families to the applicable services (child’s schooling, medical care, Social Security, etc) within their first 90 days in the country. Match Grant is an extension (up to 6 months) of similar services to those found in the R&P program, financed through a federal matching of private donations, that provides qualifying refugees the opportunity to gain early employment, as well as continuing to subsidize living costs. PC is a medical care support program refugees can use if there are significant special medical needs within the family for the first five years of their time in America. Finally, PRIME, a Washington State program, provides extended support for up to five years for the refugees toward any supplementary support needed such as childcare or housing that may not be covered by the other programs.