Every refugee who comes to Spokane through World Relief receives assistance through the Reception & Placement Program (R&P). Refugees arrive with limited personal possessions: possibly one bag of clothing (nothing for cold weather), no household goods, and often no toiletries such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. Their language, skills and backgrounds are diverse and cover the continuum from zero English and education to highly skilled (even doctors/professors/engineers!) and fluent in English. The R&P program provides basic necessities for the first 3 months: basic furnishings, simple kitchen items, linens and household items, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

Our staff and volunteers work extremely hard to secure and furnish apartments, stock kitchens, provide cultural orientation, document services, copy official records, help refugees apply for social security cards, food stamps and Medicaid. They transport refugees to a health screening and assist them with enrolling in employment services, public schools and English classes.

Contact Information:

Jordan Bemis
Resettlement Program Manager
(p) 509-321-1883