Welcoming the Most Vulnerable

Tens of thousands of refugees come to the United States every year from scores of countries. Threatened by persecution and war, they leave behind everything familiar to seek a life free from fear. The United States has historically been the global leader in protecting refugees and Washington state is one of the top five states for resettling the most refugees in the country.

How We Help

Refugees arrive with limited personal possessions—often just one suitcase. Some speak no English and little formal education when they arrive, while others are highly skilled professionals fluent in English. Our staff and volunteers welcome refugees from the time they arrive at the Spokane airport and provide intensive support for the first three to six months.

Our resettlement program helps refugees learn to navigate their new lives in Spokane. Our staff and volunteers secure and furnish apartments, stock kitchens, provide cultural orientation, help refugees learn to use the bus system, accompany refugees to appointments, and help them learn English.

We also have extended programs for refugees that need special assistance beyond the first few months. Click here to learn more about World Relief Spokane's programs and services.

Making Connections 

We couldn't succeed without the help of churches, community organizations and hundreds of volunteers who help refugees feel they belong here by being their American friends. Many of our volunteers remain friends with their refugee families long after their initial commitment is over and discover that they receive more from befriending refugees than they give in service.

Enrolling in Resettlement Services

If you have a friend or family member scheduled to arrive through our resettlement program, World Relief Spokane will reach out to you when we have details on their resettlement timeline.

If you are a Special Immigrant Visa holder and arrived in the United States on your own, please contact World Relief at (509) 484-9829 to schedule an appointment to enroll in resettlement services.

If you are a refugee abroad seeking resettlement in the United States, World Relief does not process overseas applications for resettlement. Please contact your local UNHCR office for further assistance.