Partnering with World Relief

World Relief Spokane embodies our mission of empowering the local Church to serve the most vulnerable by creating mutual partnerships with churches in our community.

There are refugees living in every part of Spokane. World Relief serves over 2,000 refugees and vulnerable immigrants each year. The church has an open door to do cross-cultural ministry right here in our city.

World Relief has developed considerable skill in how to serve refugees. However, we are not meant to do this work alone. Church partners are vital in helping our refugee friends integrate into our community. Churches have what refugees long for most: relationships with American friends and to be part of a new family.

Engaging with refugees sharpens our faith, teaches us about the complexities of the world in very personal ways and develops a deeper understanding and empathy for those who are vulnerable.


“Partnering with World Relief has given our church the privilege of learning to love and serve people from other parts of the world that we would have never been able to love and serve directly in the past. God is using the partnership and the relationships to grow our hearts for the nations so that we will love them as God does. We are very thankful for the ways our perspectives and lives are being changed as we get to share God’s love and truth with our new neighbors from the nations!”   

-Faith Bible Church

Church partners commit to:

Church Liaison: Designate a point person to serve as the communication link between World Relief and your church.

Unique Ministry: Become involved in a ministry that fits your congregation’s strengths and interests.

Examples include:  ESL classes, women’s teas, Good Neighbor Teams, Friendship Center involvement, sewing workshops, citizenship classes, supporting refugee youth, advocacy groups, etc.

Quarterly Meetings: Participate in quarterly meetings with other church partners for continued education and support.

Financial Giving: Support the work of World Relief in your church budget.

World Relief commits to:

Train: Provide training that helps churches work cross-culturally with refugees.

Connect: Connect volunteers in your church with refugees, with a priority on refugees who live near and around your congregation. We will work with your church liaison to help you discern your unique ministry involvement.

Support: Organize quarterly meetings where partner churches can share, learn from one another and work together. We provide continued training and teaching on topics related to interests and needs we hear from you.

Empower: We will keep churches informed of local and national issues that offer chances for involvement and advocacy on behalf of refugees.

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