Immigration Legal Services

World Relief Spokane Immigration Legal Service’s Team is dedicated to providing caring, confidential and low-cost immigration legal assistance to all the clients we serve.

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1522 N. Washington Street, Suite 204

Monday-Wednesday, 9:00 am to 4:00pm

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Our high-quality services include*:

  • Citizenship Education

  • Citizenship**

    • Naturalization

    • Certificates of Citizenship

    • Disability Waivers

  • DACA Renewals

    • If you were granted DACA, and your DACA application expired any time after September 5, 2016, you may apply to renew your DACA. 

  • Green Card

    • Adjustment of Status for Refugees/Parolees/Others

    • Green Card Renewal/Replacement

    • One-Step Adjustment

  • Family Reunification Petition

    • Refugee Petitions (bring qualifying family members to United States under refugee status)

    • Immigrant petitions to unite family members currently out of the country

  • Travel Documents

  • Advance Parole Petitions

  • Fiancé Petitions - For U.S. citizens only

    • If you are engaged to someone out of the country and want to bring them to the United States

  • VAWA – Green Card Petition

    • For victims of Domestic Violence within the United States

    • Benefits may extend to qualifying family members

  • Consular Processing/Visas

  • U-Visa - For victims of qualifiying criminal activity which occured in the United States

  • T-Visa - For victims of human trafficking 

  • Notary Public Service

*Many of these processes qualify for a FEE WAIVER of USCIS FEES  || ** Eligible persons may qualify for a grant that will pay for your citizenship process through DSHS

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