Immigrant and Refugee Employment

Immigrants and Refugees come with varying levels of English and education, yet they all share a common goal of finding employment and becoming self-sufficient in their new home. We help them prepare for work in the United States, find their first job, and help them achieve their long-term vocational goals.

Workplace Education

Learning American workplace culture gives refugees a strong foundation to build on as they work towards sustainable employment.  Our employment staff and volunteers teach refugees about American workplace culture.  We also teach employment training classes and workshops on topics such as:
  • Vocabulary for the workplace
  • Workplace safety
  • Interview preparation
  • Employer expectations
  • Work/life balance
  • How to be a rockstar employee

Practical Experience

World Relief Spokane has employment programs that provide various services to help eligible participants find and retain employment.  Based on eligibility, those services can include:
  • One on one coaching and support from an employment case manager and volunteers
  • Assistance in finding and securing employment, and completing pre-employment paperwork
  • Hands-on training for some entry-level positions
  • Financial assistance with transportation expenses, clothing for work, and hygiene products
  • Ongoing support for at least 90 days after hire

Support to Employers

Our goal is to help our clients succeed, AND to support their employers. Over 100 businesses employ refugees in our area, and many contact us when they have job openings to request refugee applicants. Our employment staff is available to assist employers as needed in the hiring process and after employment begins.  World Relief staff is familiar with cultural and language barrier issues that can usually be resolved fairly quickly.  Employers are welcome to call, and our employment staff will help with resources and/or in-person support at the job site. 

Are you interested in employing refugees at your business? Click here to contact our employment team.

Enrolling in Employment Services

Are you a refugee looking for a new job or employment upgrade? World Relief may be able to help you. Call Christi at 509-484-9829 x102  and leave a message with your name and phone number. We will contact you to determine if we are the right fit for you.