In America we mostly think of our participation in government in terms of voting to elect our leaders. However, voting is really just the surface of our democracy. Politicians change their minds. This is actually a sign of healthy democracy if they are changing their opinions because of learning new information and listening to the voices of the people they represent. As Americans we have the great privilege and opportunity to influence our leaders to stand for our values and guide our nation in the directions we believe are best. Regardless of whether we voted them in to office or not, every phone call or email we send to our leaders counts just the same. And I’ve seen firsthand how leaders can shift their positions when large groups of people raise their voices as one to advocate for what they believe is right. Please join us to make a phone call or two and raise your voice on behalf of the most vulnerable and voiceless – millions of refugees who our nation is poised to help if our government will but open the doors.

Mark Finney

Executive Director: World Relief Spokane