As you can see in the photo above, our office recently got a makeover. With a bit of help from Sun City Church, the World Relief lobby got a new paint job, and we decided to take our redecorating a step further by adding some of our favorite photos from past years to the area. You might recognize one of them from a prior post on this blog. We put the photos up on the wall behind the desk to convey a simple message to our friends: This will be you.

Two days ago a family with a little girl walked in to our office. They were there for an appointment during their resettlement period, which is their first 90 days in the United States. If you’ve never talked to a family during that period, they usually have some mixed emotions. There’s excitement to be safe and secure in their new homes but it comes with nervousness and uncertainty at this new place as well. New lives are hard. This little girl walked in to our office, pointed at the photo on the upper right side of the group, smiled, and said, “Beautiful!”

We choose to share this small moment with you because the moments we celebrate aren’t just the stories that come to nice and tidy endings. The little moments along the way are worth celebrating too. Sometimes, a little girl walks in to our office, sees a photo, and realizes that’s who she wants to be. That’s what we do at World Relief. More than anything else, we remind each of our friends that they’re a beautiful part of our community and a beautiful gift of God. Every person who learns that, or even part of that, is worth celebrating, and we hope you’ll join us in doing so.