On May 14th several families gathered at the Mobius Children’s Museum in downtown Spokane. The gathering group consisted of refugee families as well as their American volunteers. They were matched together through World Relief’s mentorship program.

As the families approached the entrance of the museum, two little girls could be seen holding hands. Though they had met only that morning and did not share the same nationality, native language, religion or skin color, they were united in one all-encompassing goal: to have fun!

The kids were all laughter and non-stop action. They raced from bubbles to sand to water and back again. They were dentists, firemen, inventors, and superheroes. They were kids – beautiful, wild and free, and they proved that the language of play transcends all barriers.

World Relief would like to thank Mobius Spokane for generously donating the day passes that made this awesome play time possible! We also want to honor the incredible volunteers who invest in World Relief Spokane clients. Our volunteers carve out time in their busy schedules and step out of a world that is comfortable to pour into the lives of families who have been uprooted through unimaginable pain. It is not always easy nor glamorous, but it is so deeply needed. We celebrate our volunteers, and we rejoice that we get to live in Spokane, a city that sees the value of welcoming the newcomer!

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