Standing with the Vulnerable

Far too often, the voices of the poor and oppressed—in the United States and around the world—have been marginalized or even silenced. At World Relief Spokane, we believe in using our voice, rights, and privileges to speak out against issues of injustice. This is done by educating and influencing those in positions of power to promote policies and structures that ensure the God-given dignity of all.

Our commitment to advocacy is based on biblical truths and on the example of Jesus Christ. World Relief Spokane works to educate and mobilize local churches and communities around realities of immigration justice. We believe that churches in Spokane and the Inland Northwest have a unique opportunity to follow the example of Christ and stand with refugees and other vulnerable immigrants during these difficult times.

Be an Advocate

World Relief Spokane is seeking individuals, churches and communities to help us grow our advocacy engagement. We are recruiting volunteer advocates who are passionate about justice and ready to stand for the vulnerable people we serve. Below are ways you can partner with World Relief as an advocacy ambassador. 


Educate yourself and others as you join World Relief in supporting  governmental policies and actions consistent with the call of Scripture to welcome the stranger among us. Increase your understanding of the refugee resettlement process, learn more about current immigration policies, and stay on top of news concerning  refugees and other vulnerable immigrants in the US.

Understanding Immigration Policy 


Voice your support for refugees and other vulnerable  immigrants by speaking to your national, state, and local elected officials.  Learn how to effectively call, write, conduct an in-person meeting, and use social media to advocate for the vulnerable.

Engage Elected Officials


Use your voice to create change and speak up for the issues you care about.

current calls to action 


Create an Advocacy Team to engage with you in your church or community.

World Relief would love to help you lead a group of people with a passion for immigrants and refugees to educate and influence your community, build an advocacy campaign, plan an event and mobilize others to stand with those who are vulnerable. Bring together people from your school, church, family, small group, friendships, etc and create change together.

mobilize your church 


Empower Your Church or Community to Stand with the Most Vulnerable

Being an advocate means taking the time to become educated and equipped on issues before choosing your stance and moving toward steps of action. It also means providing your congregation, school and community with similar learning opportunities.

resources for continued education

schedule a refugee simulation

request a speaker