World Relief is the humanitarian assistance arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, working overseas and in the United States. Since 1948, World Relief, working with community volunteers, has helped countless victims of war and natural disasters. Internationally, World Relief works in some of the poorest countries with mother & child health clinics, agriculture and micro-enterprise development. In order to fulfill our mission statement: to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable, World Relief seeks to develop opportunities for people with a heart for serving others less fortunate than themselves. For more information about World Relief visit:

World Relief Spokane currently provides refugee resettlement assistance, employment services, micro-enterprise loans, immigration services and works to raise awareness and serve victims of human trafficking. Our work depends heavily on volunteer and church support, both financially and in many practical ways. Our volunteer orientation and refugee simulation program provides invaluable information, training and opportunities for anyone who is looking to work with refugees, victims of human trafficking, or volunteer for a Christian non-profit organization.

Since 1992, World Relief Spokane has assisted refugees from: