About Us

Since 1948, World Relief, working with community volunteers, has helped hundreds of thousands of victims of war and natural disasters in dozens of countries. Internationally, World Relief works in developing countries with mother & child health clinics, agriculture, and micro-enterprise development. In the United States, World Relief is a contract partner with the US State Department in the work of resettling refugees.  Since the beginning of the modern refugee resettlement program in 1980, World Relief has helped resettle about 300,000 refugees in the United States.

World Relief Spokane opened in 1990. Since then, we have resettled over 10,000 refugees from more than 50 countries in our community.  We help these vulnerable people who have been forced from their countries due to persecution by helping them secure housing, find jobs, learn English, connect with volunteers and local churches, navigate the legal process to become US citizens, and access healthcare. In short, we help them rebuild their lives and thrive as they pursue a new future for their family.

World Relief is distinctively committed to empowering the local church to serve the most vulnerable.  Overseas this means most of our development work is done through partnerships with local churches. In the US, this means that the vast majority of our staff, volunteers, donations, and the initiatives we help launch in our communities are deeply connected with local congregations as well as other community organizations.