We partner with the local church to catalyze a movement of change, resulting in thriving refugee families and strengthened churches. We work with many local organizations, but with the response from churches, they are our biggest group of partners. Churches gain as much as they give as people develop cross-cultural friendships with vulnerable refugees in our city.
When a study was done with refugees resettled to the USA, refugees said that the most important thing that helped them feel part of the community was having an American friend! Churches help refugees in many practical ways. They excel at relationships – loving people, following the example of Jesus.
What does a church that partners with World Relief do?
  • Have us train of your congregation as volunteers to be matched with refugee families
  • Follow us online to keep informed about events coming up and other ways to educate your congregation
  • Advocate for compassionate and informed policies for refugees with local and national representatives
  • Give out of your mission budget or through special offerings to help with costs to serve refugees in Spokane and to involve your church
Some churches, once they have gotten to know refugees and seen the needs, have started special ministries that are a fit with the strengths of their congregation. Examples are:
  • ESL classes
  • Teas for women
  • Play days for women with children
  • Adopt an apartment building with a number of refugee families
  • Driving lessons for refugees
  • Provide housing for refugees
  • Employ refugees

If you want to learn more, contact us at joinusspokane@wr.org.