World Relief - Manifesto


Since 1948, World Relief, working with community volunteers, has helped countless victims of war and natural disasters. Internationally, World Relief works in some of the poorest countries with mother & child health clinics, agriculture and micro-enterprise development. Click here to learn more about the history of World Relief.

World Relief-Spokane began as a sub-office of the Eastern Washington Affiliate office located in Connell, WA (now known as the Tri-Cities office). The office originated in Coeur d’Alene in 1991 and later moved to Spokane in 1992. Office expansion was a result of refugee families coming from the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Spokane was impacted by FSU second migrations that came to the area due to the city size, climate, affordable housing that was able to accommodate large families, and developing Russian churches. In 1997, World Relief-Spokane became an Affiliate office. Moving from a field office structure, World Relief-Spokane became a Hub office site for Eastern WA and Idaho Affiliate offices. The previous director, Linda Unseth, retired in May 2010 and Mark Kadel, previously Director of World Relief North Carolina, relocated to become the current Spokane Office Director.