Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Good Neighbor Team! You are about to enter into a life-changing experience both for you and for the refugees you befriend.

Just as the Good Samaritan crossed the road to help someone from another ethnicity, you too are going to the “other side” to minister healing, friendship, and restoration to people from other cultures. It is a ministry that moves beyond charity to personal touch, mutuality, and empowerment.

The Process of a Good Neighbor Team:

1. Form a group of 5-8 individuals (non-gender specific) who are willing to mentor a refugee family for at least six months. Good Neighbor Teams are an excellent fit for a church community group or small group.

2. A refugee family will be selected by our Volunteer Coordinator & Refugee Resettlement Case Managers for your Good Neighbor Team.

3. Your Good Neighbor Team will begin collecting basic household items to donate to the family as case managers begin setting up an apartment for the family.

4. Your Good Neighbor Team, along with case managers, will meet and greet the family as they arrive at the airport.

5. Your Good Neighbor Team will be asked to visit at least once a week for the first three months of resettlement.

The Lord promises to be with us as we serve to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth!  In times of uncertainty, we pray you sense His gentle leading. In times of hardship, we pray you trust His relentless transformation.  In times of victory, we pray you know His boundless joy. Thank God for you and all that you will do and become through this experience.

Beginning this journey can be overwhelming, but it helps to know you are not alone. You are joining a movement of hundreds of Good Neighbor Teams walking through the resettlement process. We welcome questions as we develop a program for your unique situation. The World Relief Staff is dedicated to partnering with you in this experience. We desire to serve and support you as you carry out God’s work.  We will provide you with a guidebook that will help lay the foundation of your service and augment your understanding of refugee ministry.  We trust these resources will be useful tools to your team.

Each year, hundreds of refugees resettle in Spokane County through World Relief.  People from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea and countless other nations are now your neighbors. New to the country and culture, having fled oppression and violence, each individual refugee arrives with a breadth of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We, as Christians, have the incredible opportunity to love our new neighbors as Jesus taught us.

For more information please contact:

Nancy Goodwin, Volunteer Teams Coordinator

(e)   (p) 509.484.9829 x146