• Refugee Resettlement

    When violence or persecution drives people from their homes, we provide the basic services and support refugees need to rebuild their lives.

  • Refugee Employment Services

    We support newly-arriving refugees to prepare, keep and excel at their first job in the United States.  

  • Participate in a Refugee Simulation!

    Step into the role of a refugee fleeing for their life and sign up for a Refugee Simulation Experience! The Refugee Simulation is booked upon request. Group sizes expand from 18 participants up to 30 individuals. Call (509) 484-9829 to learn more!

  • Fred Meyer Rewards Program

    You can help World Relief just by shopping!

About World Relief Spokane

World Relief Spokane currently provides refugee resettlement assistance, employment services, micro-enterprise loans, immigration services and works to raise awareness and serve victims of human trafficking.

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Get Involved

Every year, World Relief staff and volunteers help thousands of refugees – victims of war and persecution – replant their lives in the United States. See if there is anything you can do to help. 

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